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WHY???  I am all bad?  I feel like such a dickhead….Thank you for looking my art works.  I am going to quit Tumblr. I will erase this Tumblr later.  bye!

@mokonosuke7 Wow. You even brought it here. Why am I not surprised?
You know what, I really liked your art but now it’s become ugly to me, just like the person.
Oh yeah, hi, it’s hiddles_and_loki, the “terrible reposter” that everyone is calling me.
Had I known that you would turn this into such a huge issue I would have never touched your admittedly gorgeous art and shared it with people who appreciate it (my followers on Instagram).
Like I said in my comments to you on Instagram, I gave you credit.
Like I also said, I respect your wishes, so respect mine.
But I’m also gonna ask that you take this down as I don’t appreciate you spreading an issue that happened between me and you to the whole internet.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Anyone who wants to come at me, go for it. I know my rights and I know I did nothing wrong as I said I would respect this person’s wish. If you want to fight I’m alllllllll ears.

I do love mokonosuke7 and her arts and all. Been a fan all my life since I got into the Loki fandom. But. What’s going on here. I’m a bit conflicted now. I will Need understand why artists FREAK out when fans repost their works, sure some don’t credit hen bc they don’t obviously know who they belonged to. And some DO credit them. Even compliment them sometimes. So why still angry? I’d freak out in a good way that people are finally seeing my arts and sharing them. It’d be an honor for me.
I’ve asked a few other ‘biggie’ artists, one is Hastag actually on IG. And she said she’d Never get angry. But will be upset if they Profit from her work, we’ll I’d be pissed too if that happens. The point is, there are lines that set out from “ok, she’s got a point there,” to “ok, now you’re overreacting a bit.” I am truly sorry. But these are my Words. My Mind in the open. My opinion. You can say I’ll never understand what it’s like to have my arts ‘misused’? But I make edits with all my heart. And they’re as good as arts for me bc they’re originals by my hands and mind. But I’ll say it; I won’t get angry if they repost them credited to me. Or simply just post them no credit. Then I’ll com in and say it. Just don’t take credit of your own.

What is there to not understand? When artist says “don’t repost my art” - any art, anywhere, you don’t do it. Period. And when said artist politely asks you to take their art down, YOU DO IT WITHOUT ARGUING.

Why did the artist ‘freak out’ as you say? Because she spend hours drawing something, polishing it to be a beautiful piece of art, and then an ignorant user comes along and literally steals the art and posts it somewhere else with a half-assed ‘credit’, without asking first AND against the artist’s wishes.

And you know why it sucks? Because artists usually don’t even know that their art was reposted, and often the art that they posted doesn’t get much recognition, and they wonder why, do they suck? is the art boring? Should I stop posting/drawing because no one cares to see it?

@fullmetalhiddlestoner you say you do edits, wouldn’t it piss you off if you spend, let’s say, 10h doing one edit, felt that it was awesome and was excited to post it to see if people would like it, and then…. nothing—10 notes-all likes . And then after some time, you see your awesome edit reposted, with a huge response from the fanbase and thousand of notes, with credit “found on google” or “found on we heart it”. You politely go and ask the reposter to take it down, or give credit where it’s due, and the person says that they don’t care, they wrote where they found it and it’s not their responsibility. Does that sound fair to you? Wouldn’t you be upset? 

Of course, some artists don’t care about their stuff being reposted, and some do, is it so hard to respect their wishes?

tl;tr never repost art, gifs, edits, fics without permission. 

Just don’t.

WOW. horns-of-mischief, Your opinion is very wonderful!!! absolutely, I think you are right. I was deeply impressed with your words.She said all what I wanted to say on my behalf.

I’m Japanese, 
I’m not good at English. But,  that is precisely what I wanted to say. You are should respect the all artists and writer intention.
I can’t convey what I really want to say in English well. I want everyone to know her words more.

horns-of-mischief , 
I really appreciate you. Thanks so much!

fum○king reposter.

Please support the artists’ wishes.

I fully admit that when I first joined Tumblr I was stupid and re-blogged stuff without paying attention because I was all starry-eyed and didn’t know any better. Now that I have learned, I have tried to go back into my archives and delete artwork that has been posted without the artist’s permission. I am deeply sorry if I have hurt any artists out there. I was dumb. I hope I am smarter now. I hope I get called out if I make a mistake so I can do better

We all can do better, folks. Fan artists put many hours into their work. They should maintain some control over how and where their work gets posted. Be grateful that they share their amazing talents and hard work.

Respect their wishes, and when in doubt, ask them what they want. 

The farther the art gets from the original source, the less likely it is to get credited and claimed by someone else. Those pieces people find on Pinterest as “artist unknown”? Those all originated on an artist’s blog or website and someone reposted (maybe with credit!) and then someone else reposted from there and so on and eventually their name was lost.

It’s not exposure, it’s loss of control.

You can argue that posting anything online means you give up any control of your work. If you enjoy this art, you’d better not be pedaling that sort of argument because the art will stop. WE CAN PROTECT OUR ARTISTS AND WE SHOULD. They deserve to retain control of their art- their credit, where it goes, and who sees/uses it.


Yep, this is how you lose content creators. Take the advice of these brilliant ladies and the whole fandom has more fun content to enjoy!

ETA: Think of all the work out there in the fandom that is amazing and has been reposted so much you can’t find the original source. Now imagine how much more amazing content that source might have posted that the fandom is missing out on because potential followers can’t find the source to signal boost more of their work to the rest of us. 

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